Ms. Baysinger's Class

How you will be graded...

You will be graded on a 0-5 scale in 5 different categories

Use of the Week
5: All days of week have information and there are lots of facts about the food you ate on each day of the week.

4-3: 1-2 days have missing information 

2-1: 3-4 days have missing information 

0: 5 or more days have missing information.

5: Facts regarding the food you ate are accurate and detailed

4-3: Facts were accurate for almost all items in your journal

2-1: Almost half of the facts were inaccurate or missing.

0: Over 75% of facts were inaccurate or missing completely.

5: All graphics are effective and balanced with text use.

4-3: All graphics are effective, but there appear to be too few or too many.

2-1: Some graphics are effective and their use is balanced with text use.

0: Several graphics are not effective.

5: Student clearly demonstrates that he/she put time into project and it has a "ready to present" look

4-3: Student's work displays a few inaccuracies and only has one nutritional fact about each item they ate and lacks creativity

2-1: Parts of the week are missing or incomplete and there is no creativity.

0: Assignment is 75% or more incomplete and there is no creativity

 Evaluation of Paragraph
 5: Insightful remarks and a good reflection in regards to your journal.

4-3: Reflection is present but there is no insight and the reflection could be more detailed.

2-1: Only a few sentences and there is no insight or real reflection regarding the food choices of the past week.

 0: Reflection is absent from project.

Total Points Possible: 25